Reservation Form Total: 69$
For large groups on the same exact order
Key things to know
  • Final EXACT PRICE is NOT known until after the reservation calculated at $3/minute. the $69 initial charge includes 23 minutes only, it is NOT a flat rate.
  • Time starts IMMEDIATELY upon ARRIVAL of the limo.
  • Maximum capacity is 14 persons per regular stretch limo and $4 per SUPER stretch limo which can fit up to 22.
  • Color selection is not guaranteed unless other wise specified by management, PINK LIMO is $4 a minute if guaranteed.
  • This reservation form is for a ONE WAY trip, if you like a round trip you will need to make a SECOND reservation on this form.
  • You will see an additional charge in advance if the system estimates the reservation total to be longer than 23 minutes or in a higher minimum area.
  • NO pets, food, or smoking allowed in the limos. However drinks are allowed and you may bring your own drinks.
  • If you like to make a classic legacy HOURLY reservation where the limo stays with you type the time window in the reservation notes, For example 3PM TO 6pm.
  • Limo travels slower than a normal car by about 40% on regular in town roads and 25% percent on freeways.
  • Leaving items in the limo is not allowed even for round/multiple trips as it might be a different limo for your other trips
  • Text us at 512-910-5466 for any questions.