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Our rates are always $3 per minute. For example, A 25-minute trip/reservation would simply be $75. THERE ARE NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES. Time starts immediately upon arrival of the limo.
Our main service area is inner Austin and the minimum reservation is 23 minutes which costs $69.

Other areas below are serviced and have a higher minimum due to the fact the limo has to spend a considerable amount of time to get to you or back from that specific area.

Other area minimums along with amount of minutes included. All prices are for ONE WAY trips, if you want round trip multiply the price by two and make two separate reservations one for each way

Lake Austin Bridge boat ramp, $150 which includes 50 minutes

Kyle, San Marcos, Lockhart, Round Rock, North Pflugerville, Circuits of the Americas (COTA) $180 which includes 60 minutes.

Lake Travis, Volente, Lake way, any location west of 360 highway, $329 which includes 60 minutes, NOTE, Due to the current increase in fuel prices and the severe road conditions and excessive hills/curves going to these areas which causes lots of cosmetic and mechanical wear and tear to the limos as well as above average fuel consumption, there is a $149 fee per way included in the price above, More over the limo can NOT take FM2222 and has to take either Anderson Mill or the 71/620 Route.
Bastrop, Elgin, Leander, George Town, Cedar Park, Hutto, Dripping Springs, Bee Cave, New braunfels, Minimum is $240 which includes 80 minutes.

Airport $229 Which includes 50 minutes.
Spicewood, Lago Vista, Briarcliff, Jonestown, Liberty Hill, Taylor $360 which includes 90 minutes. NOTE, Due to the current increase in fuel prices and the severe road conditions and excessive hills/curves going to these areas which causes lots of cosmetic and mechanical wear and tear to the limos as well as above average fuel consumption, there is a $90 fee per way included in the price above, More over the limo can NOT take FM2222.

Horseshoe Bay, San Antonio, Fredericksburg, Seguin, La Grange, Giddings, Temple, Killeen, Waco, Blanco, Burnet, Johnson City, Marble Falls $540 which includes 120 minutes.
A guaranteed capacity is always 14, however, depending on distance the limo may be able to accommodate a max of 22 people.
Yes, all the limos come equipped with Bluetooth where you may control your own music.

All our vehicles are Cadillac Escalades Stretch limos with multiple bars for drinks and leather seats with party/laser or executive lights as well as Bluetooth for music control, see the latest pictures on Instagram @westcampuslimos.
The colors that are available are pink, black, or white. We try to get you the color you want however color selection is not always guaranteed.
The best way to calculate your reservation cost is to enter the address you're going TO and FROM in Google maps or a similar app. Take a look at how many minutes it takes and multiply that by $3 per minute. For example, if your trip is approximately 25 minutes long. Then that would be approximately $75. If your trip is only 15 minutes long then that would be already included in the minimum charge of $69 which gives you 23 minutes.

Keep in mind that's an estimate and does not include wait time from the time the limo gets there till you get to it. Traffic conditions and time of day/week may make a difference. There are no guarantees on the pricing however the above steps should give you a very good estimate
Time starts immediately upon the arrival of the limo at your designated pick-up address and ends upon you and all of your group members exit the limo.
Upon making your reservation you will be charged the minimum of $69 which gives you 23 minutes INCLUDED. If your reservation is 23 minutes or less then there are no further charges. If you reserve the limo for more than 23 minutes then the system will charge you $3 per minute for the additional minutes you reserved above and beyond the first 23 included minutes
There is no charge for the time it takes for the limo to get to you however the minimum may be higher if your more than 30 minutes away from downtown. See minimum area charges above, You may always ask us to get an exact answer 512-910-5466
Yes, you may optionally tip your driver either before or after your reservation. you can let us know by simply texting us at our number 512-910-5466
We do our best to text you and let you know how far the limo is. However, sometimes that's not doable for safety reasons in which case you will get a text anyways when the limo has arrived.

We do our best to text you and let you know how far the limo is. However, sometimes that's not doable for safety reasons of which case you will get a text anyways when the limo has arrived.
No, The time you spend at your event or your boat or occasion you are not charged for that time. Neither does the limo stay there even if you scheduled a round trip. The same limo or a different limo will come to be there for you for your second reservation. It's just like a ride-sharing or ride-hailing app service
Yes, you may schedule a ride even if you don't have any of the pick-up and drop-off addresses. if you know the approximate area write that down in the addresses field. If you don't know it at all you may still schedule a ride and type TBD.

For example, if you are coming to an AIRBNB and you are not sure of the address yet or have not booked your AIRBNB yet you may schedule the reservation to lock in your limo. The same concept with the destination address you're going to if you don't have it yet or it changes last minute such as a boat reservation that you have not made or decided on another boat company, In such situation, you may write in the address field (To the Lake)
For rides that are within downtown rescheduling can be made up until 30 minutes before the reservation. For rides that are outside downtown, it must be done 3 hours before.
There are no surges or per mile charges or mandatory gratuity or fuel surcharges. The amount of money you pay is simply the number of minutes you reserve times $3 per minute.
To make changes text us at 512-910-5466 or you may edit the information inputted through the "edit form/response" button or by logging in to your account and editing your future trips if you created an account.

There is no security deposit required to ride the limo. However, you will be charged for any incidentals, which is if you or any of your group members throw up in the limo, damage it, smoke inside of it, or trashes the limo excessively above and beyond what's reasonable for your ride duration. The best practice is always to take out your trash with you.
The cancellation charge is $69 which is the very same amount and same charge you pay as your minimum charge

The exact time of your reservation starts and is stamped by the text you will get letting you know the limo has arrived and the end time is also time-stamped by a text you will get from us at the end of your trip
The exact total of the reservation will be the number of minutes you booked the limo for times $3 per minute. There isn't a way to know the exact total of the reservation to the dot in advance but you can get a very good idea by checking how long it takes in minutes to get to your destination from your pick-up address. The time starts when the limo gets there regardless if you got in right away or not.

Keep in mind limo travels a bit slower than other vehicles and sometimes has to use different streets to make a specific turn due to its length. Moreover, traffic, the day of the week, and the time of the day influence how long a trip takes which can affect the entire cost of the reservation.
Certain locations have geographical challenges or roads that the limo is unable to access. Such roads and ways will be avoided, an example is FM-2222 if going to Lake Travis. The limo is unable to go there thus it always takes either Anderson Mill Route or the southbound Route of Bee Caves.
The colors that are available are pink, black, or white. We try to get you the color you want however color selection is only guaranteed for prescheduled rides of 3 hours or more

For reservations that are more than a week away if the system allows you to select a certain date and time that means it is available. For reservations that are less than a week away, you may text us to verify at 512-910-5466. 90% of the time we are able to accommodate even the most last-minute reservations and even more, particularly for in-town trips.
There is no charge for the time it takes for the limo to get to you however the minimum may be higher if you are more than 30 minutes away from downtown. You may always ask us to get an exact answer at 512-910-5466
If your pick-up location is in Austin and you want to go outside the city there is no limit to how far we can take you.
For prearranged/prepaid hourly reservations there is no limit to the zone which we serve. For the rides of pick up and drop off we primarily serve the Austin greater metro area which includes San Marcos/Dripping Springs, Leander, George town, Manor, and Elgin. Although all these areas are serviced for on-demand requests and pick up/drop off/ the minimum may be higher than the local $69/23mins
You can book a limo as far in advance as you want and we always recommend making your reservation in advance to make sure we have availability.

Thursday Friday Saturday from 7 PM to 3 AM we run on-demand where you can request a limo on demand for immediate pick-up. All other times we can send you a limo depending on your pick up address in as little as 30 minutes to an hour

If you're booking multiple limos for the same exact addresses for pick up and drop off you can change the quantity of the payment (The $69 minimum) to reflect the number of limos you want to book. For example, if you're booking 3 limos for the same locations because you have a larger group you would change the quantity to 3 charges of $69 at the checkout page.
A trip is defined as the duration to get from point A to point B. Whereas a reservation is the allocated amount of time you reserve the limo for. A reservation would be defined as the time from the minute the limo gets there (based on your scheduled time) until the time you get out of it. For example, the limo gets there at 10 PM and you come out at 10:15 pm then it takes 20 minutes to get you to your destination. Although the trip is 20 minutes, the reservation time was a total of 35 minutes which is what you get charged for.

Another example would be a reservation for 4 hours yet only have a trip/driving time of 2 hours because you would like the limo to stay with you and reserved only for you during the time you are outside of it because you want to leave stuff/items or your drinks in the limo or you want a continuous reservation. Another example would be special occasions or weddings or quinceaneras where you would like to take pictures with the limo or simply be driven around for fun.
Yes If you book in advance 3 hours or more the rate you pay per minute drops to $3.00 per minute which is $180 an hour. The reservation is still billed by the minute. For example, if you reserve the limo for 3 hours but end up using it for 3 hours and 10 minutes the total cost would be $579 which is 190 minutes times $3 a minute. Note these reservations must be booked in advance and prepaid for the entire reservation.
Yes, you may bring your own drinks and cups and stock the bars/coolers of the limo. We do NOT sell or provide any kind of drinks.

No, there is no grace period, The $3 per minute charges start as soon as the limo gets there. In order to keep prices low and make limos more affordable and accessible to the everyday person and not just the privileged few. thus it is important you come out as soon as you get the text that the limo is there. This also helps keep your cost similar to what you approximated and maximizes the time you pay in the limo. The best practice is to be waiting outside for the limo
Limos are typically booked for special occasions such as Weddings, Anniversaries, Quinceaneras, Executive meetings Etc, etc. However with Limos On Demand and rides starting at just $69 just about everyone now can book a limo for any occasion, special or not.

It could be for a simple meeting with friends, a regular ride that you need somewhere, or simply because you have more than 4 people that can not fit in a single rideshare vehicle. We offer you limos that give you capacity, luxury, status, party, executive, and above all memories to be made at a fraction of the cost that other companies charge.
If you spoke with us over the phone or by text regarding a special situation reservation that we have customized or set up differently the way you book is still through this website where you pay the minimum charge and the remainder (if any) will be charged to your account. For example, if the total you're supposed to pay is $200. The website here will charge you the $69 and we will charge you the remainder of it within a couple of days of that day.

The first charge you will see on your credit card is $69. If your reservation does not exceed 23 minutes, that will be the only charge you see. For all other reservations that are more than 23 minutes, you will see two charges that show up. The first is the $69 and the second is the difference between any amounts that the system bills you for. For example, if your reservation ends up being 40 minutes ($120). You will see two charges of $69 and $51 which add up to $120.

Sometimes the estimated charge of your reservation is charged by the system in advance based on the pick up/drop off location of the reservation where the duration is known to be in advance to exceed 23 minutes. For example, if your reservation is from Downtown to Lake Travis, Such a trip would be approximately 40 minutes you will see the first charge of $69 followed by another charge of $51 prior to your trip. There would only be the third charge if the total exceeds the 40 minutes.

When all set and done you will pay exactly the $3 per minute the system auto-adjusts any amounts automatically. In extremely rare occasions where your destination changes or the trip ends up being less than the estimated duration made by the system then the system will auto refund it.
The maximum the limo fits is 22 however that number is based on many factors that don't always line up such as persons' weight, height, special occasion dresses, amount of items such as luggage, ice coolers, drinks, etc etc. Thus the absolute number that will always fit in the limo is 14. If you are worried about capacity/comfort/space you should always plan to have 14 or fewer people in the limo. Generically speaking the longer the distance of a trip the fewer people that should be in the limo. You may always order more than one limo if your group is larger.

NO, items may not be left in the limo for pick up and drop-offs as the limo runs on-demand and goes to other rides. Even if you have a round trip scheduled. The same limo might not be the same one that picks you up on your second ride. It's precisely like a rideshare/hauling service where each ride is unique and finalized upon your departure from the limo. Items that are left over may get trashed and we are not responsible for lost goods in the limo neither are they always found as there are others who get in and out of the limo where items might not be spotted by the driver immediately in between.

For prearranged and prepaid hourly rides where you have the entire time booked you may leave items in the limo
Cadillac Escalade Stretch limos are large and unique vehicles that are rare in comparison to how many standard vehicles there are out there. The limo will always try to park and pick you up directly in front of the address you provide to us on your reservation form.

However due to its length and uniqueness, the limo isn't always able to do that due to road limitations, steep driveways where the limo can bottom out, regular apartment gates where the limo cant enter/turn, or super busy roads where the limo cant park. Thus if you know your pick-up address has such limitations best to always wait for the limo to the easiest location for the limo to park where the driver can see you. Such as outside the gate or by the entrance of a large complex or at the top of the establishment of any location that has possible dead ends.

Examples are driveways at lake marinas or end of roads inside apartment complexes or anything similar. Remember charges start when the limo gets there. These limitations are only known by the person providing the pick-up address/on-site thus best practice is always to wait for the limo outside and at the easiest pick-up spot and most visible where you can see the limo and the driver can see you right away upon arrival and to avoid paying for the extra time it might take the limo may have to do U-turns/ maneuvering around to exit the location.
There is no mileage charge or per stop charge. the rate is simply $3 per minute whether the limo is moving or not, You may make multiple stops and or drop-offs/pick-ups as you wish to pick up your friends at various locations. Our limos are cost-effective and sometimes are even cheaper than a single rideshare car that's ordered through other companies and almost always cheaper when your group size is 5-8 persons or more.